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AZ Canyon Shuttles is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. We offer vehicle shuttle service in and around the Grand Canyon and Marble Canyon along the Colorado River region of Northern Arizona. 

The majority of our customers are hiking the "epic" Rim to Rim Trails in the Grand Canyon. Hiking one way across the Grand Canyon on either the South Kaibab Trail or Bright Angel Trails to the North Kaibab Trail is typically one way travel. This requires preplanning for a shuttle from Point A to Point B. It is approximately a 4 hour drive from the North Rim to the South Rim.  We drive your vehicle from Point A to Point B while you are hiking. Your vehicle will be conveniently parked at Point B when your finish your hike. This avoids the lengthy drive and wait time before or after your hike. We charge $559 flat fee per vehicle. Discounts availbale. 




(We shuttle Your Vehicle-Saves you 9 Hours of Driving)

*North Rim to South Rim

*South Rim to North Rim

*Bright Angel Trailhead & North Kaibab Trailhead

$549 (1 Vehicle)

$649 (1 Vehicle OFF HOURS 10PM-5AM)

More Details...

  • Have a car or van that you want to shuttle to the ending point of your hike or river trip?

  • We drive and deliver your vehicle to the location of choice so that when you hike out of the canyon or put out of the river, your vehicle will be in the same spot as you.

  • Saves hours of back and forth travel time.

  • No hassle, no waiting, no predicting your finish time.

  • Current registartion and insurance re

  • Contact us for more info or to reserve a ride.

Park your car, leave your keys, have a full tank of gas, and tell us where and when you want to pick up your car after your hike. Eliminate 8 hours of driving time for your group at the end of your hike.


Awesome service!!! It was very convienent to have our camper waiting for us after our hike. We drove and parked our camper van at the North Rim Trailhead. We started our Rim2Rim hike early in the morning and by 2PM, our camper had already been picked up at the North Rim and dropped off at the South Rim. Angie was very friendly and informative on all the details which made for a super smooth day and saved us alot of driving time after our long hike. Very grateful to find this service. We will use them every year when we hike our Rim to Rim. Highly recommended.

Audrey Beudine